Should I stay or should I rock the casbah? (tangerinedream) wrote in odk,
Should I stay or should I rock the casbah?

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hullo all!

hi everyone!

wow, i'm excited that i found this community. and it's still all small and quaint, which is rad.

anyway.... i was recently inducted into my college's (rider university in central jersey) chapter of ODK and have just been named vice-president. while i'm still a little unsure of my responsibilities, i'm definitely looking forward to being involved with this organisation.

my question is this: what is this conference at towson about and when is it? i just received a packet in regards to it today and, while i'm definitely excited about the possibility for an out-of-state adventure, the letter enclosed doesn't seem to clarify a whole lot (or my brain could just be malfunctioning from the stress of finals).

thanks and take care of yourselves!

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