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I just happened to come across (though I would have found sooner had I been to our national website recently) Kenneth Ruscio, or former national president, has been selected to the presidency of Washington and Lee University, our founding institution!


Hello fellow ODK members,
My name is Victoria and I'm involved in the University of Texas at San Antonio's chapter. As members of this organization it's important to stay connected and meet new members in different universities. I post on here today for personal reasons mainly though and wondering if this thing called networking actually works through school groups.

My friend and I are leaving to Chicago for spring break (march 10-19) and I was wondering if any of you were located in the follow cities: Shreveport, Louisiana
Little Rock, Arkansas
Memphis, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
Lexington, Kentucky
Columbus, Ohio
Pittsburgh, PA
Chicago, IL
Toledo, OH

to perhaps let us crash on your floors for 6 hours of sleep and maybe a shower or even to stop by for a meal. As college students we are on a strict budget (but I will pay you a small price for your kindness) and in the past I have allowed friends to crash at my place when passing by San Antonio and last semester I had a friend I met off of myspace stay at my place for finals, 2 weeks. So maybe there was a chance to ask someone, it doesn't hurt to ask sometimes.

Thanks a lot for reading this. I usually don't leave messages like this and as a first impression you must think I'm some sort of freak, but I'm not and I would extend my place to you, fellow ODK member if you ever needed a place in San Antonio, Texas.

PLEASE NOT POST on here, please e-mail me at ...... vmedelli@lonestar.utsa.edu

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Hello to the rather small community we currently have! I'm a recent inductee (last semester) to the Florida Southern Circle of ODK. I was just adding on to my interests list here on LJ, and was actually a bit surprised when ODK lit up with a hyperlink when I added it. Hopefully we'll get a bit more active, but I'm glad to see we do have a presence out here in cyberspace.

Rather be running barefoot in wet grass

hullo all!

hi everyone!

wow, i'm excited that i found this community. and it's still all small and quaint, which is rad.

anyway.... i was recently inducted into my college's (rider university in central jersey) chapter of ODK and have just been named vice-president. while i'm still a little unsure of my responsibilities, i'm definitely looking forward to being involved with this organisation.

my question is this: what is this conference at towson about and when is it? i just received a packet in regards to it today and, while i'm definitely excited about the possibility for an out-of-state adventure, the letter enclosed doesn't seem to clarify a whole lot (or my brain could just be malfunctioning from the stress of finals).

thanks and take care of yourselves!

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I see that there are only 3 other members here and no activity, but I'm posting none the less. My name is Abby, I'm a senior at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI and I was elected into ODK this semester. Our initiation is this Saturday.

Maybe this community will actually have some activity ....

Is this thing on?

Hello to the two members out there (especially the one who actually watches it!) I came across this here ΟΔΚ community and thought I'd join and potentially start the conversation in here, since it hasn't happened yet. I suppose an introduction is in order; my name is Curtis and I was inducted in Spring 2003 at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and I'm currently Vice President-Elect for the University of South Florida Circle. Just thought I'd say hi!